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Light wind

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Light wind

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Product Description:

What is a light wind?

Light wind is called ?Radiometer? in German originally. It is a physical device showing men how light energy can be transferred into kinetic energy. It is made of a glass ball and 4 metal blades set on a pin. When there is light on the metal blades?This four sheets will begin to go round and round, The Stronger the light is, the faster the sheets circumrotate. Because it is driven by light and operating like a ?wind?. So we called it ?light wind?.

How does ? Light wind? work?

When sunlight or bulb light exposure shines the metal sheets, they will be rotating at different speeds. When a strong light comes, it will become fast, when the light is weak it will slow down. The inside of the glass ball is vacuum to maintain the balance between internal air resistance and rotational power. Black sheets surface absorb more light than the white surface, so the black surfaces have much more pressure than the white ones. When hot inside the ball gradually increased, the pressure for black metal surfaces gradually increased, then they begin to circumvolve.

There are various glass colors for selection,with different sizes.The stands for wine glass are also suitable for "light wind" stands.

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